Acrylic Benchtops

Investing In Your Home For Infinity

Acrylic benchtops have been around for over 30 years and have been regularly used in commercial applications. Now this high quality alternative has become popular in residential homes. The most attractive feature of Infinity is the ability to join pieces together seamlessly, providing the appearance of your benchtop being carved from one piece. These Waterfall ends give a modern continuous design without highly visible joins. Undermount sinks can easily be integrated into the benchtop as well.

Infinity Benchtops are completely repairable and renewable, offering peace of mind that you can easily restore it to its new original condition. A simple sand and polish is all that is needed to have your kitchen benchtops looking good as new.

About infinity benchtops

Infinity benchtops offer the ideal solution when deciding what to have in your kitchen. Not only providing a cost effective "Solid Surface" option, their ease of fabrication allows them to be installed immediately after the cabinets have been completed. No waiting for a different team to come to take templates only to go away again for weeks before they canĀ installĀ stone benchtops and complete your kitchen. Infinity provides a rapid and attractive cost effective solution.